620 Chair Programme [1962]

Dieter Rams

Imagery: Vitsœ

Designed in 1962 and still manufactured to this very day, this Rams design is a close relative of the classic 606 Universal Shelving System of the same year. As with all for Vitsœ products, the 620 Chair Programme is a ‘carefully considered kit of parts’ – with custom steel fixings and endless modular potential allowing for a single chair to become a multi-seat sofa with the simple addition of a body element and a shifting of the arm. In many ways, the Chair is an embodiment of the ten principles of ‘good design’ as developed by Rams that stress innovation, longevity, honesty and thoroughness. It prominently actualises his minimal ‘good design is as little design as possible’ credo through a cleanliness of line, attention to detail and a focus on material integrity – all factors that helped grant this design its own rarely-issued copyright.

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