Designtel - Hexacube, Georges Candilis and Anja Blomstedt

Hexacube [1972]

Georges Candilis and Anja Blomstedt

The Hexacube module exists as one of the few experimental takes on future-proof, plasticised living along with the more-renowned Futuro, Bolwoningen and Monsanto House. The brainchild of Georges Candilis and Anja Blomstedt – the former of whom had worked with Le Corbusier on such projects as the Unité d’habitation – the design consisted of two fibreglass hulls with an interior footprint of 7m² and was detailed to permit connection of multiple modules and thus allow for a more dynamic plan and increased volumes. Originally coming into being in response to a brief that requested ‘space cells’ for a nearby bathing resort, the components were manufactured by Dubigeon Plastiques and are one of the earlier examples of prefabricated, modular construction.

For more about how these designs came into being, see here.

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