Ibirapuera Park [1954]

Oscar Niemeyer

Ibirapuera Park was designed and built to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the city of São Paulo, with vast landscaping designed by Otávio Agusto de Teixeira Mendes to complement the Oscar Niemeyer penned collection of structures. This includes the Afro-Brazilian museum, Biennal Pavilion (designed with Hélio Uchôa) and the Oca Pavilion (pictured here) serving as a museum to both aeronautics and folklore. More recently, the Ibirapuera Auditorium was completed (2005) from original Niemeyer plans drafted half a century prior that finalised the complex that certainly serves as a testament to the city’s design lineage and dynamism. The Oca Pavilion itself, one of Niemeyer’s lesser known works, was has since been substantially restored by MMBB & Paulo Mendes da Rocha and offers a reminder of its architect’s profound mastery of curvilinear form and space.

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