Miró Studio [1956]

Josep Lluís Sert

‘My dream, once I am able to settle down somewhere, is to have a large studio, not so much for reasons of brightness, northern light, and so on, which I don’t care about, but in order to have enough room to hold many canvases, because the more I work, the more I want to work’

Quoted from Miró in 1938, the above is a mission statement for a studio that was only to be realised almost two decades later, with the design of architect and friend Josep Lluís Sert. His designs of the pasts demonstrated a stark functionalism, but this studio was to fuse these qualities with sculptural attributes and an organic acclimatisation to the context and sloped site. The undulating vaulted roof structure grants a dynamism to a rational L-shaped programme split across two levels – with the primary colours thrown across each of the facades working for a similar dynamic purpose. This design stands as a true product of creative collaboration, providing for a lasting blend of tradition and innovation.

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