Peabody Terrace [1964]

Sert, Jackson & Gourley

‘Peabody Terrace is a building beloved by architects and disliked by almost everyone else’ – Robert Campbell

Built during his tenure as Harvard’s Dean of the Graduate School of Design, the Peabody Terrace stands tall as a true manifestation of Sert’s architectural inhabitation ideals, serving as an exemplar of the modern spirit’s infiltration of the housing landscape. Much like the progressive high density works of Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier, this was lauded by the architectural community for its scale negotiation, shared landscaping, façade treatment, rooftop terraces, numerous on-site facilities (et al.) but was deemed cold and uninviting by the public, seemingly fitting the structure into a less-progressive, more Orwellian narrative. Irrespective Sert, Jackson & Gourley received the Gold Medal of the AIA and the Harleston Parker Medal from the BSA for the realisation of the bold project.

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