Pneudome Inflatable House [1972]


One of those whimsical experiments in future living that never really took off, the Pneudome was promoted by design group Chrysalis as an alternative to the typical static house model that allowed for rapid assembly/disassembly – and an environment geared towards a supposed future to come. Perhaps a Playboy article from 1972 serves it best:


Regardless of whether you call the inflatable edifice pictured below a bubble building, hemisphere house or pumped-up pleasure palace, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s the most revolutionary concept in mobile living since somebody invented the trailer—and a lot more fun. Created by a Los Angeles design group named Chrysalis, the polyvinyl Pneudome, when collapsed, fits into a 42”x60”x12” box. To turn on the bubble-house machine, simply spread the dome out on a flat surface, fill the base ring with water, then attach the portable air blower to an external port—and up she rises.

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