Praxis Studio [1970]

Agustín Hernández Navarro

‘This is how materials should work: steel in tension and concrete in compression’

For those unfamiliar with Agustin Hernandez Navarro and the excellent Casa Amalia – his architectural career is rooted in monument, theory and, without doubt, its own brand of poetry. His 1989 work Gravity, Geometry and Symbolism details this by an elaboration on human relations with built forms and his extensive incorporation of indigenous motifs and experimentation with materials has left a bold mark on the Mexican architectural scene. ‘Praxis’ – the structure envisioned and built to house his practice, further embarks upon these interrelations whilst appearing to challenge the very elements and forces that dictate much of structural necessity. Organically deriving a single column, pedestal form from that of a tree – the entrance embodies a skybridge – floating above the canopy. The interior structure provides relief from the rigidity of the concrete outer skin, with bespoke, built-in joinery and furnishings taking advantage of splayed walls and uniquely glazed surfaces.

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