Saul Bass Residence [1958]

Buff, Straub & Hensman

Imagery: Julius Shulman

The Saul Bass Residence was part of John Entenza’s Case Study Houses (#20) as within his Arts & Architecture Magazine which stated that:

“Each house must be capable of duplication and in no sense be an individual ‘performance’… It is important that the best material available be used in the best possible way in order to arrive at a ‘good’ solution of each problem, which in the overall program will be general enough to be of practical assistance to the average American in search of a home in which he can afford to live.”

Buff, Straub & Hensman’s design, after close collaboration with renowned graphic designer Saul Bass, presents a wooden frame (unusual as the Case Study Houses preferred steel), a curvilinear interior ceiling, bricked fireplace, barrel-vaulted roof and a tree to the centre that penetrates a timber pergola.




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