Designtel - Sinclair C5, Gus Desbarats

Sinclair C5 [1985]

Ogle Design and Gus Desbarats

Imagery: Sinclair Vehicles

Initially prototyped by the same company who designed on-set vehicles for Star Wars, the Sinclair C5 demonstrated the boldness of its company’s vision: to revolutionise personal transport. The C5 had all the markings of a futuristic vehicle: a moulded, Lotus-developed polypropylene chassis, multi-coloured LED instrumentation, rechargeable battery and an array of accessories inclusive of fabric side panels (for inclement weather) and a vehicle-matching outfit for drivers. It is remembered, however, as one of the largest innovation disasters of all time with less than ten-thousand sold before Sinclair Vehicles went into receivership in October 1985.

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