Snaidero Office Building [1978]

Angelo Mangiarotti

Italian design house Snaidero terms Mangiarotti, a long-time collaborator, a ‘truly original creator’ operating in the international fields of architecture, engineering and design. For Snaidero, he designed the ‘Cruscotto’ kitchen and ‘Sistema’ line ‘both of which were distinguished by exceptionally refined volumes and materials’. He was then tasked with something larger – the design of their new commercial headquarters in Milan. Parallel to this Mangiarotti was designing a line of organic glass vases with forms that resembled that of a mushroom – and it is this work that began to inform aspects of his design for Snaidero. With a front façade made from fibreglass and a reinforced concrete structure – the building stands atop four columns. The main feature, the elliptical windows, protruded from the façade and tightly wrap the form – following the curvature of the panels.

For the Snaidero website, see here.

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