TWA Terminal (Interior) [1962]

Eero Saarinen

Saarinen’s Trans World Flight Center was commissioned first and foremost to capture the ‘spirit of flight’ and it most certainly provided an entirely-designed environment that welcomes arrivals and departures with all the force and dynamic optimism of the space age. A reinforced shell with curvilinear concrete throughout, design elements extend from walls to floors – to displays, railings, desks and more. Glazing cuts at an angle from the shell, divided by thin steel frames that force the viewer to look out and down – as if already airborne. Saarinen passed away before the Terminal was completed, and the original multi-terminal design airline-delineated of JFK proved more whimsical than optimal and Saarinen’s masterpiece was closed in 2001. Restorations and additions have since been proposed – with the structure’s fate still undecided.

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