Schenk’s Paramount Hotel

Architect Unknown

‘The fabulous new Schenk’s “Playhouse of Stars.” Featuring the luxurious new Continental room, the intimate Rendezvous Room, Coffee Shop and Club 17 for Teenagers.’

Very little is known about the design origins of Schenk’s Paramount Hotel in South Fallsburg except that it was one of the many mid-century ‘deluxe’ resort complexes to usher in a new era of holiday and travel comfort. As the quote (extracted from the back of a Schenk’s postcard) reads this was to be South Fallsburg’s premier all-inclusive family friendly destination with all the mid-century idiosyncrasies in place in the form of abstract mural features, pop furnishings, spiral staircases, saturated colours, sprawling entertainment spaces and an in-house jazz band.

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