Designtel - Renault Caravelle, Pietro Frua

Renault Caravelle [1962]

Pietro Frua

‘A dream car come true’ (Renault advertising copy, 1960)

Renault’s Caravelle – originally branded the Floride outside of America – was envisioned as a sports model to share the success of other European car manufacturers (primarily Volkswagen) with respect to American car market infiltration. Based initially on their strong-selling Dauphine platform, the Caravelle is a French-made, Italian-designed vehicle, the work of Pietro Frua at Carrozzeria Ghia. With an iconic ‘scoop’ in the rear side panels (made famous by the later-designed Mustang), the Caravelle has clear, sharp lines throughout – extending from the cutout headlights to the bumper detailing that projects from the body.

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